Junior Summer Study Award

The Junior Summer Study Award is presented to members of NEHS who are high school juniors, rising to the senior class in fall 2023. This award is intended to support students who have been selected for or who will be attending a summer learning program that is related to English studies in a direct way. Awards up to $750 are available. Consideration will also be given to virtual learning opportunities; however, the award amount would be lowered since travel and lodging would not be involved. Applicants will be asked to explain the need for financial assistance. This award is competitive in nature; applications will be evaluated by members of the Advisory Council of NEHS.

This award is competitive in nature; applications will be evaluated by members of the Advisory Council of NEHS.


  1. The student must be an NEHS member in good standing of an active chapter.
  2. The student must be a high school junior prior to the summer of study.
  3. The program of study must be offered by an established institution or organization that is identified in the required documentation. Provide a link to the institution or organization website for verification.
  4. The parent/guardian and NEHS Chapter Advisor of the student must upload a signed letter verifying the applicant’s attendance.
  5. Students receiving an award must agree to write about the learning experience for the NEHS blog, the NEHS Museletter, upon the conclusion of the study. Photos of the experience, with captions, must accompany the article. The article and images must be submitted by August 31, 2023.
  6. The program must be related to English studies in a demonstrable way.

Evaluation of the Applications

  1. The Central Office will verify the active membership of the student(s) and of chapter(s).
  2. The Advisory Council members will review all applications and rank them based on the quality of the information received and the connection to English studies that the program offers.
  3. The winner(s) of the stipend will receive a check to be applied toward registration, travel, tuition, room and board, or materials.

Application Essay Document

Each application must include an application essay document written by the student explaining:

  1. the specific details of the program of study;
  2. the interest she/he has in attending and how the program helps with the student's academic goals; and
  3. the cost of the overall experience and how these funds will be applied.

The application must also reflect the highest standards of writing, including clear content, effective organization, and deliberate and careful word choice; the narrative must be precise and free of grammatical, usage, and punctuation errors.

The award is intended for use as a supplement for travel, tuition, books and materials, and/or room and board costs. It should not be used for incidental purchases or entertainment.


Submissions will be accepted March 13 - April 10, 2023. NEHS uses the AwardSpring platform for the application process.

Please use the AwardSpring link on the AwardSpring Applications web page to apply and submit the required application materials, including the request recommendation and the student counselor verification letters.