Chapter Project Grant

  • Fall 2022 Proposals: accepted September 6 - October 3, 2022
  • Spring 2023 proposals: accepted April 10 - 24, 2023

NEHS Project Grants are designed to encourage local chapters to be innovative in developing projects that further the goals of the Society. The Society will award a limited number of grants each semester, for no more than $200 each, to support local chapter activities that will be enhanced or made possible by the grant monies.

Any active chapter may apply. No chapter may submit more than one proposal in each semester; chapters receiving project grants may receive only one in an academic year. Projects must be organized and led by student members and must be endorsed and monitored by Chapter Advisors. Applications should be prepared by student members.

Appropriate Projects

Funds may be requested for separate projects or for parts of larger projects, and chapters should explore ways to use project grants in combination with funds secured from other sources. Appropriate projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Service projects connected to the discipline of English (writing competitions for local elementary or secondary schools, tutoring projects, literacy programs, library donations, book drives)
  • Projects that will bring visiting authors or poets to the local community or school. Such visits should be open to an audience beyond the membership of the NEHS sponsoring chapter.
  • Projects aimed at broadening appreciation for language, writing, and literature (workshops for elementary students, senior citizens, veterans groups, disadvantaged groups, etc.)
  • Activities aimed at increasing chapter membership or expanding the number of NEHS chapters in a particular community, city, or state.
  • Activities that link area Sigma Tau Delta (four year university or college institutions) or Sigma Kappa Delta (two year community college institutions) with NEHS.
  • Projects that link the NEHS chapter with national or international literacy efforts (i.e., supporting the efforts of such organizations as MyClassCares).

Grants may not be used to pay NEHS membership fees for members or for NEHS annual affiliation fees, nor to award scholarships, awards, and prizes for chapter members or advisors. The money may be used as awards for others participating in NEHS-sponsored activities (i.e., elementary writing programs).

How to Apply

Step 1

Access the NEHS AwardSpring Application NEHS AwardSpring link.

Login or Register for an account with your email address and a password in AwardSpring.

Step 2 - General Application

Complete the questionnaire, including contact information, to determine if you are eligible to apply for the Project Grant.

Step 3 - Complete the additional requirements for this grant.

A. Provide a written narrative (up to 500 words) that:

  • describes the concept and need for the project, the intended outcome, and how it meets the goals of the Society;
  • identifies the target audience;
  • provides a timeline for the project from starting point to completion;
  • and describes how the project will be evaluated and publicized.

B. Upload your Budget (up to $200)

Step 3 - Partnership

A. You will indicate whether your project includes a partnership with:

  • a literacy organization
  • Sigma Tau Delta chapter
  • Sigma Kappa Delta chapter
  • another NEHS chapter
  • none

B. Provide the following information if your project is with another organization:

  • Upload #1:supporting letter that details the goals of the partnership and expected outcomes.
  • Upload #2: other documentation that details the goals of the partnership and expected outcomes.
  • Insert your narrative if this project is with another organization.

Criteria for Selection

In making awards, the Project Grants Committee will consider criteria such as the significance and contribution the project makes to the goals of the Society; the proposal’s concept, clarity, and organization; the careful preparation of a budget; and the reference letters.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall 2022 Proposals: accepted September 6 - October 3, 2022
  • Spring 2023 proposals: accepted April 10 - April 24, 2023, 11:59 CDT.

All chapters receiving Project Grants must submit a final report of the project by the end of the spring semester. Final reports should be submitted on school letterhead and include an accurate accounting of funds expended. The chapter must also develop a project report, with accompanying pictures, for publication in the NEHS Museletter blog.

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