NEHS Advisor Grants

Alfie Kohn has said, “So how should we reward teachers? We shouldn’t. They’re not pets. Rather, teachers should be paid well, freed from misguided mandates, treated with respect, and provided the support they need to help their students become increasingly proficient and enthusiastic learners.”

NEHS believes in educators and wishes to support them, particularly those who are willing to add even more to the stresses of 21st century education by willingly serving as NEHS Advisors. Advisors are encouraged to apply for these new grants that are intended to supplement other funding sources. Grants must be used to enhance the teaching and learning of the English language arts that will also directly impact leadership effectiveness for NEHS chapters. Applicants must explain the intended use of grant funds and submit a blog article detailing the learning and experiential outcomes resulting from the grant.

Grant requests may range in amounts from $25 - $350. Examples of what the funds may be used for include:

  • Registration to a local, state, or national conference or convention focused on the English language arts
  • Ticket fees for educational seminars, speakers, or presentations, excluding ticket fees for entertainment
  • Professional, pedagogical texts selected to enhance teaching skills; a set of texts to be used within English department professional development would also be considered for the grants. Student texts would be excluded; advisors may apply for Classroom Library Grants to develop collections for student use.

Awards may not be received in consecutive years. Applications must include the total cost of the educational experience and must include a link or hard copy of the program/event. If books are purchased, a rationale for the grant and the intended use of the text(s) should be part of the application narrative.


  • Applicants must be advisors of active NEHS chapters. The Central Office will verify active chapter status.
  • Evidence of chapter activities has been outlined in the required annual report consistently.
  • Applicants may not have received an Advisor Grant in the previous calendar year.
  • Members of the NEHS Advisory are not eligible for Advisor Grants.
  • Applications should be received no later than one month prior to the event/purchase but will be considered for funding throughout the school year.
  • Grant winners agree to write for the NEHS Museletter blog, discussing the educational value the grant provided.

Application Procedures

Application Materials

  • Grant Narrative Essay not to exceed 250 words explaining the request for funds, the purpose, and the English language arts educational value for the recipient(s). Include in the narrative the overall cost of the conference/event/purchase.
  • Provide links or hard copy of program, event, or convention. If purchasing professional text(s), provide title and plan for use.

Submission and Timeline

  • Materials should be sent to a minimum of one month prior to the convention/event/purchase.
  • Applications will be considered throughout the school year until funds are depleted.