Outstanding Chapter Awards

The NEHS Outstanding Chapter Awards are designed to recognize local chapters that have exhibited outstanding motivation, creativity, and service in the preceding year.

Award recipients will receive a check for $250 and a cerificate. Winning chapters will also be highlighted in the NEHS Museletter blog in the fall.


Any active chapter is eligible to apply for an Outstanding Chapter Award, but no chapter may receive an Outstanding Chapter Award in consecutive years. Active chapters may use relevant information assembled for a Project Grant application when applying for an Outstanding Chapter Award. Specific application requirements are posted with each award description.

No chapter may receive an Outstanding Chapter Award in consecutive years.

How to Apply

The Outstanding Chapter Awards Committee will accept applications no later than Monday, April 24, 2023, for the 2022-2023 awards. This deadline should allow for the full documentation of most end-of-the-school-year activities.

Submit the application by email from a Chapter Advisor’s school email address. By emailing the application, the Chapter Advisor is attesting to the accuracy of the materials.

  1. Address the email to ctlockwood@niu.edu;
  2. In the subject line, type OUTSTANDING CHAPTER AWARDS;
  3. ATTACH the application document in Word (doc or docx) titled with OutstandingChapter first followed name of your school and chapter Example: OutstandingChapterAbrahamLincolnHighSchoolHuskieChapter.doc
    The application consisting of two sections:
    1. Information, list the following:
      • Chapter and school
      • Name and contact information of chapter officer(s) preparing the application (email addresses)
      • Name and contact information for the Chapter Sponsor(s) (email addresses)
    2. Narrative not to exceed 750 words, which includes the following:
      • A list of any activities or events the chapter held, giving more detail than that submitted in the annual Survey Monkey report. Of particular importance are activities that have been designed to reach out to the community, supporting literacy efforts with/for others.
      • Descriptions of chapter programs designed for the school.
      • Descriptions of cooperative programs with other local community groups, other NEHS chapters, or nearby Sigma Tau Delta/Sigma Kappa Delta chapters, if any.
      • Descriptions of any other activities believed relevant and important, including chapter learning opportunities, travels, attended events, etc.
  4. ATTACH up to three (3) items of supporting documentation in PDF or Word documents (such as flyers, news stories, photos, web links, letters of thanks, etc.). Give each supporting item a title that begins with OutstandingChapter[School and Chapter Names].

Decisions by the committee will be announced by May 11, 2023. Submit applications to ctlockwood@niu.edu with "Outstanding Chapter Award" in the subject line.

Outstanding Chapter Winners

Read why these chapters were recognized and chosen for the Outstanding Chapter Award.

2020-2021 - Instituto Blaise Pascale Chapter, Oaxaca, Mexico

2016-2017 - Sullivan High School, Sullivan, IL

2014-2015 - McLean High School, McLean, VA

2011-2012 - Covington Catholic High School, Park Hills, KY