Enrollment Tools

Chapter Enrollment

Chapter membership enrollment is processed through NEHS Connect.

Once a chapter charter is approved, the lead Advisor is sent login instructions to the database system. This system also is used for all financial transactions. Advisors enroll new members by entering names, email addresses (optional), and graduation years. Please note: enrollment is not the same as induction; enrolling members is required to activate their memberships, making students eligible for all opportunities NEHS offers, including scholarships and awards. Induction is a ceremonial process taking place at the school level.

Chapters are required by the NEHS Constitution to enroll at least one new member each school year for the chapter to remain active.

Chapter Affiliation Fees

Chapter affiliation fees ($65) are due each year for chapters to remain active. The anniversary date of chartering establishes the due date for affiliation fees in succeeding years; notification of the fee is sent to the lead advisor at 90/60/30-day intervals prior to due date; there is also a 90 “grace” period after the due date. If accounts remain unpaid after 90 days, the chapter is moved to inactive status and members are ineligible for any NEHS benefit. Inactive chapters are charged a $20 late fee upon renewal. Chapters with unpaid affiliation fees beyond one calendar year from the affiliation due date are suspended and must pay a $100 reactivation fee as if rechartering.

Chapter Invitations

Local Membership Application Form [PDF]

NEHS Chapter Advisors can use this form to invite students for membership.
Sample: Member Invitation Letter/Email

Membership Fee Reductions

A limited number of student $5 membership fee reductions are available for students who have free/reduced lunch status or unique family circumstances that would make paying the full fee a challenge. However, Advisors and chapter members should explore other options and work first at the local level to establish chapter funds that may be used to supplement member fees as necessary; conducting fundraisers specifically intended to develop such a fund is strongly recommended. However, if local funds are scarce, Advisors may complete an application for fee reduction.

The fee reduction application must be completed prior to enrolling students in NEHS Connect; NEHS is not able to provide refunds once membership dues are received. When the application is approved, Advisors will be notified; students awarded a fee reduction will be enrolled by Central Office staff; Advisors will continue to enroll all other members. Payment for the fee-reduced students ($5) must be made by check and sent to the Central Office; regular membership fee payments may be made via credit card or district check through NEHS Connect.

Advisors wishing to apply for the limited number of fee reductions for their members should submit this application. Allow up to two weeks for processing.

Application for Reduced Membership Fees