How to Use NEHS Connect

NEHS Connect truly means fast and convenient. Using NEHS Connect, Chapter Advisors are able to manage their chapter's membership list and a host of other functions online.

Some of the key functions Chapter Advisors can directly manage include:

  • Enrolling new members
  • Making and tracking membership payments
  • Making and tracking annual affiliation fee payments
  • Adding and/or changing chapter advisors and officers
  • Updating member information
  • Providing an online chapter directory of current and graduated members

All new member enrollments, chapter updates, and Chapter Advisor changes are now processed through NEHS Connect. Printable forms for new member enrollments and chapter changes are no longer available.

Only Chapter Advisors have or will be granted NEHS Connect usernames to access their chapter database.

Enrollment Tutorial

 This tutorial walks Chapter Advisors through individual and bulk student enrollment.

Step by Step: How to Login to NEHS Connect

Chapter Advisor Login

  1. Upon receipt of your username, link to the NEHS Connect login web page.
  2. Select the option Set/Reset Password?.
  3. This will take you to a new screen. Type in your username and select Submit.
  4. After selecting Submit you will automatically receive an email. The email will provide you with a link to set up your password. Select the link and follow the instructions to create your password.
  5. Return to the NEHS Connect login web page.
  6. Enter both your username and password in the designated boxes and click the Login button.
    Note: usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.
  7. Now you may proceed to use NEHS Connect. Please refer to the help links, located on the upper right of this page, for information on specific functions.

Forgot/Retrieve Username

  1. Go to to the NEHS Connect login web page.
  2. Select Retrieve Username.
  3. This will take you to a new screen. Type in your email address recorded for your Chapter Advisor account in the NEHS chapter directory.
  4. The username will be sent to your email address.

Reset Password

If you forgot your password or you wish to change it for any reason, you may reset it. Please go to the NEHS Connect login web page, click the Set/Reset Password link, and follow the instructions.

View Membership

  1. Login to NEHS Connect.
  2. Under Available Functions, select Chapter Administration.
  3. Select the Manage Members tab. Please make sure this page loads completely before proceeding.

Default Membership Status View

Become familiar with Definitions of Membership Status.

The table view default shows Active, Incomplete/Not Paid, and Payment in Process Members. The Membership Status check boxes are located above the table (refer to example below):

Membership Status

Viewing Only Graduated Members

Members will be automatically given the Graduated status on July 1 of the year their member profile indicates they are designated to graduate.


To view only graduated members, make sure the following check is selected:

Membership Graduated

Change Membership Status

To revise a member's status, choose Select next to the member's name, change the first field labeled Status, and save your changes.