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International Chapters: Protocols

International chapters of the National English Honor Society (NEHS) enrich the diversity and significance of the Society by allowing students and educators from around the world to connect with the ever-growing network of NEHS chapters and engage in literacy projects, English-immersion, and academic collegiality.

While international chapters are conferred all the powers and privileges authorized by the NEHS constitution upon the issuance of a charter, there are some unique challenges faced when incorporating international chapters into the Society. In order to facilitate international chapter integration into NEHS, we request that international chapters abide by the following guidelines:

Chartering a Chapter

  • Once a chapter is chartered, student member enrollment must take place within 30 days.
  • All international chapters will receive a digital charter, which they can print for display at their school. Chapter Advisors will receive the digital charter within 3 working days of the charter application having been authorized by the Advisory Council.

Enrolling Student Members

  • Enrollment of new members each year must be completed at one time.
  • Payment for all students pending enrollment must be made by the chartered school or Chapter Advisor using a credit or debit card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover Card). NEHS cannot accept Electronic Fund Transfers or check payments from international chapters.
  • Chapter Advisors will receive digital copies of membership certificates within 3 working days of enrollment payments having been authorized in NEHS Connect.
  • Chapter Advisors are responsible for entering accurate student information in the NEHS Connect system; errors in the spelling of student names will incur a $15.00 USD membership certificate replacement fee.

Payment of other Fees to NEHS

  • All charges: one-time chartering fee ($100 USD), membership fees ($15 USD per new member, paid at enrollment), and annual affiliation fee ($65 USD) must be paid using a valid credit or debit card (Visa/Mastercard) via NEHS Connect. Electronic Fund Transfers and check payments are not allowed.

NEHS Prizes and Grants for Chapters, Chapter Advisors, and Student Members

  • All international chapters, Chapter Advisors, and student members are eligible to participate in all scholarships and awards provided by NEHS.
  • Absent a US bank account, payments of prizes and allocation of grant funds will be sent out to international winners via PayPal. All payments are subject to PayPal processing fees and the exchange rate on the day they are processed. NEHS is not responsible for any fees that may be incurred by the recipient.
  • In the case that an individual living outside the mainland USA is in possession of a US bank account, payments can be made to that bank account. The individual should communicate their wish to have payments sent to a US bank account in writing to ctlockwood@niu.edu. Please include the mailing address of the bank and your account number.
  • All prize certificates will be sent to Chapter Advisors, school principals, and/or student members digitally.
  • Recipients of scholarships and awards must provide a written report and photographic evidence of the use to which prizes have been put within 30 days of receiving any scholarship or award. Failure to do so will render the school ineligible for other awards for a period of 12 months.