Justifying Advisor Stipends

While school finances are notoriously tight, some NEHS Advisors have been successful in being added to the “extra duty” pay schedule in their districts. The following steps to consider may be helpful:  

  1. Propose to the district/school salary committee that NEHS Advisor and co-advisor positions be added.
  2. As a part of developing data, keep track of the hours you put in as advisor during a school year Keep a list of duties, project completed, meetings held, and planning/organizational work done during a school year
  3. Check the amounts for comparable advisor stipends (i.e., National Honor Society); try to determine if the amounts are based off a percentage of salaries or are they flat annual stipends?
  4. Keep an eye on coaching stipends and if the coaches get raises
  5. Be wary of labeling the chapter a club and the advisor a sponsor; clubs usually do not pay sponsors
  6. Appeal to other advisors within the school or district for support; combine your voices for recognition of what you are adding to your busy schedules
  7. Make sure the chapter and advisor have a visible presence around the school; make the activities of the honor society “news” in the building, particularly if the activities are service-oriented within the school
  8. Start and have regular check-ins with administrator(s), sharing your chapter’s projects and impact
  9. Invite administrators to chapter events, including inductions; get them involved
  10. Request recommendation letters from the NEHS Director