Noteworthy Activities Keywords

Noteworthy Activities Keywords are categories or descriptions of the types of activities in which chapters engage. In the Chapter Annual Report/Survey, chapters are asked to select which of the following types of activities they have engaged in that year. Some activities may fall into multiple categories. The following descriptions and links provide more information about what the various terms mean.

  • Activism & Awareness: Activities focused on raising awareness of specific social issues
  • Banned Books: Activities focused on raising awareness of banned books, either as part of the ALA’s Banned Books Week or at other times of year
  • Common Reader: Activities centered around NEHS’s Common Reader
  • Competitions: Activities that involve friendly competition between students or groups
  • Donation Drives: Fundraising and/or service activities focused on collecting donations of money or goods
  • Field Trips: Activities that involve chapter members traveling off campus as a group
  • Films & Performances: Activities centered around putting on or attending a literary film or live performance
  • Formal Ceremonies: Induction, installation of officers, banquets, and other formal events
  • Fundraising: Activities intended to raise funds
  • Holidays/Special Occasions: Activities themed around a holiday, author birthday, notable anniversary, or other special occasion
  • Jumpstart’s Read for the Record: Service projects done in conjunction with the Read for the Record campaign.
  • Lectures/Speakers: Activities that center around a lecture or presentation by an expert
  • Literary Events: Activities with a literary theme or tie-in
  • Member Recruitment: Activities designed to recruit new members and/or reinvigorate inactive members
  • My Class Cares: Service projects done in conjunction with NEHS’s national service partner, My Class Cares.
  • Partnerships: Activities that involve partnerships with other school groups, other NEHS chapters, or other organizations
  • Readings/Open Mic: Activities that encourage students to read works out loud, either their own works or the works of others
  • Service: Activities that involve being of service to the community or a worthy cause
  • Social Events: Activities designed to encourage fellowship and networking among chapter members, faculty, and/or other community members
  • Tutoring/Workshops: Activities designed to teach students specific skills in a hands-on setting or to encourage guided discussion of a specific topic
  • Writing & Publishing: Activities encouraging and/or assisting chapter members in writing, submitting to publications or conferences, producing their own publications, and/or learning about professional writing and publishing
  • Volunteerism: Service activities that featured students volunteering their time and skills in an in-person, hands-on way

For questions about these activity keywords or suggestions for categories we may have overlooked, contact