NEHS seeks partnerships with organizations that promote literacy and value the written, spoken, and visual expression of language and learning. By linking NEHS to such groups, we hope to expand the knowledge of the work of our partners as well as, in turn, be given exposure of our honor society by allowing our “brand” to be promoted by them. To inquire about forming a partnership with NEHS, please contact NEHS Director Emeritus Dave Wendelin.

The organizations listed below provide materials, services, opportunities, and/or educational resources that align with the mission of NEHS. We encourage our membership to learn more about these groups and to suggest others with whom we might connect.

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)


National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) is the premier organization for educators involved in the English language arts. NCTE has long supported NEHS, valuing our mission to support high school students who are passionate about literature, writing, and the arts. NCTE partners with NEHS for the Intellectual Freedom Challenge, each year considering the winning essays for inclusion in the Rationales for Challenged Books file maintained as a research tool.

Out of Print

Out of Print Logo

Out of Print celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. Their products feature iconic and often out of print book covers. Out of Print can help you earn up to 30% of sales using a specific coupon code created just for your organization. Customers using your code receive free shipping and there are no restrictions on what they can purchase. Codes can run multiple times a year and there is no collection of money or distribution of goods on your end. Not only will Out of Print be supporting your cause, but every item sold donates a book to a community in need. For more information, please call or email Laura at 347-620-4698 or

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