Chapter Annual Report

The NEHS constitution requires chapters to complete their Chapter Annual Report/Survey each spring. Chapters submitting the report prior to June 15, 2001 will be eligible for a $100 drawing; the deadline for submission is June 30, 2021.

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Chapter Annual Report


new NESH Members

NEHS is open to high school students and select faculty who have demonstrated exceptional ability in such areas as literary analysis, media studies, composition, linguistic study, and creative writing, and who meet the requirements of membership.


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Chartering a chapter of the National English Honor Society (NEHS) connects schools with a national network of English teachers and students who share a special interest in language, literature, and writing.

Each chapter plans and directs a program of activities in order to develop the community of people who are interested in English. Participation in chapter activities is one of the most valuable benefits of NEHS membership; the kinds of appropriate activities are limited only by the members' imaginations.

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Bergenfield NEHS Members

The Common Reader

The Advisory Council has selected The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri as the Common Reader for the 2022 scholarship competition. Lefteri’s stunning text of the journey of refugees from war-torn Syria to England won the 2020 Aspen Words Literary Prize. Lefteri herself worked in a refugee camp in Athens, seeing firsthand the trauma of travelers forced to flee their homeland. Time magazine reporter Naina Bajekal writes that “by creating characters with such rich, complex inner lives, Lefteri shows that in order to stretch compassion to millions of people, it helps to begin with one.” (Time, September 2, 2019).

Applicants for the NEHS Scholarships are to select this text as the basis of their application submissions, which will be due January 10, 2022.


Common Readers


Annually, NEHS offers a variety of scholarships valued at up to $5,000 for active NEHS members planning on enrolling full time in two-year and four-year colleges.

$4,000 Scholarship
The University of Texas at Austin,  TX

Brianne Flores

Oak Ridge High School, TX

$1,500 Scholarship
Howard University, DC

Joseph John Sturgeon III

Cooper City High School, FL

$5,000 Scholarship
The University of Pennsylvania, PA

Angela Shen

Council Rock High School North, PA

$1,200 Scholarship
Georgetown University, DC

Isadora Karathanos

Belleville West High School, IL