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Holly Springs High School
Chapter: Holly Springs High School National English Honor Society
Holly Springs, NC

International Connections Academy
Chapter: Shangri-La iNaCA
Baltimore, MD

Miami Southridge Senior High School
Chapter: Justice League of English
Miami, FL

Reservoir High School
Chapter: Reservoir High School
Fulton, MD

In This Issue

  1. Intellectual Freedom Challenge Winners Announced
  2. Summer Study Stipends for Junior Members of NEHS
  3. Teen Ink Magazine
  4. NEHS Merchandise
  5. NEHS Project Grants and Outstanding Chapter Grants

March is upon us—even though for some in the country it seems that this winter will never end, it will soon begin to fade, spring break will loom large, and prom and graduation will come into view.

Staff members from the National Office of National English Honor Society bring you greetings as March unfolds. We are in the final stages of preparation for the Sigma Tau Delta 2015 International Convention being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The NEHS Advisory Council members in attendance will work on final scholarship essay reviews, discuss common reader recommendations for 2015-2016, develop the criteria and process for a new NEHS Leadership Award, make budget recommendations for 2016, and share ideas for new initiatives that will be forthcoming as our organization continues to grow. We hope to see NEHS approach 800 chapters by year's end. More information from these discussions will be shared in upcoming newsletters.

This issue of NEHSXpress focuses on the following—an announcement of the winners of the Intellectual Freedom Challenge; an invitation for juniors to apply for a Summer Study Stipend; reminders about chapter project grants and outstanding chapter application deadlines; and a reminder about graduation merchandise. We hope you find this information useful; please send news about your chapter activities to NEHS Director, Dave Wendelin.

Intellectual Freedom Challenge WInners Announced

The winners of the Intellectual Freedom Challenge have been selected; each submitted a fine essay arguing for the retention or inclusion of a controversial text in the English curriculum.

The winners are:
Mia Shang, Franklin Academy High School, NC
Adrienne Brauer, Porta High School, IL
Tunika Onnekikami, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, CA
Emma Reford, Saint Mary's Hall, TX
Jordan Jaafar, Saint Mary's Hall, TX
Jeannie Kim, Riverdale High School, TN
Aaron See, Shanghai American School - Puxi, China
Jillian Nguyen, Junius H. Rose High School, NC
Melissa Martin, Franklin Academy High School, NC
Nketiah Berko, Bolton High School, LA
Mine Meuzzinoglu, Üksüdar American Academy, Turkey
Hailey Olesen, Wethersfield High School, CT

View: Winning Papers

Each winner was awarded $100 and his or her respective NEHS chapter was given $50. The winning essays will be forwarded to the National Council of Teachers of English to be considered for inclusion in NCTE's rationale files for controversial materials.

Summer Study Stipends for Junior Members of NEHS

It is not too early for current junior members of NEHS to begin planning to apply for a Summer Study Stipend. These $750 awards are intended to support students who have been accepted to and will be attending an academic study program that will take place during summer of 2015. View the Summer Study Stipend page for information about the award and application process. All applications for this competitive award will be accepted Monday, April 6 - Monday, May 4.

Teen Ink Magazine

The partnership between Teen Ink and NEHS continues; you should have received a copy of the publication in January and another will be coming to chapters later in the spring. That issue will include college information along with the student writing that has been selected for publication. This time of year typically sees the publication of some literary magazines in high schools; in fact, many NEHS chapters are responsible for putting those journals together. It's likely that many of the stories, poems, or articles would be of a quality to be published nationally in Teen Ink. We would encourage your young writers to submit their work.

NEHS is now advertising in Teen Ink to promote NEHS. When you get your copy in the coming months, take a look at our ad and consider passing the magazine on to a school in your area not yet a member of NEHS. We'd love to have your support in expanding our organization.

NEHS Merchandise

Graduation is just around the corner. Don't delay ordering graduation cords for your senior members. Other merchandise is also available, including NEHS patches to be affixed to letter jackets and other school attire, and NEHS stickers to be placed on transcripts.

View: NEHS Merchandise

NEHS Project Grants and Outstanding Chapter Grants

Applications for a limited number of NEHS project grants may be submitted by May 13, 2015 to be utilized during the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year. Chapters receiving awards will be notified soon after the deadline. These grants allow chapters to extend literacy opportunities within school, and in, local communities.

Outstanding Chapter Award applications are now available. While we encourage chapters to send the applications soon after school is out, while memories are fresh and materials are at hand, the deadline for applications is September 14, 2015.