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May 5
Project Grant applications due

May 5
Junior Summer Study Stipend applications due

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Academy for Arts, Science, and Technology
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In This Issue

  1. NEHS Common Reader for 2014-2015
  2. Summer Study Stipends for NEHS Junior Members
  3. Make It a "Banner Year"
  4. NEHS Merchandise
  5. Scholarships Announced
  6. NEHS Project Grants and Outstanding Chapter Grants
  7. NEHS Annual Chapter Reports

Chaucer declares in the Canterbury Tales, "Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote / The droghte of March hath perced to the roote,"—we hope that this year April showers will indeed loosen the grip of winter as March fades. The arrival of April brings with it the promise of warmer weather, but perhaps more importantly for students and teachers, it begins the rush to the end of yet another school year! Amidst all of the activity and nostalgia that will mark the coming months, we hope that your NEHS chapters are finding the time to reflect on this year and to start the conversations about next year.

This issue of NEHSXpress focuses on the following—the Common Reader for 2014-2015, the Junior Summer Study program, scholarship announcements, graduation merchandise, project grants, outstanding chapter awards, the annual report, and the announcement of scholarship winners for this year. We hope you find all of it useful; please send comments, suggestions, and/or news about your chapter activities to NEHS Director, Dave Wendelin.

NEHS Common Reader for 2014-2015

The NEHS Advisory Council is in the final stages of deliberating which text will be used for the Common Reader for the upcoming school year. We will be making the announcement by mid-April, in time for schools to put the text on summer reading lists. At that time, we will also be establishing the timeline for scholarship entries; we know that the deadline will be after winter break, as it was this year.

Summer Study Stipends for NEHS Junior Members

We invite current members of active chapters of NEHS who are juniors to apply for two available Summer Study Stipends. These $750 awards are intended to support students who have been accepted to and will be attending an academic, English-related study program that will take place during summer of 2014. All applications for this competitive award are due Monday, May 5, 2014.

View: Details and Application Information

Make It a "Banner Year"

Personal invitations to join NEHS are always the best way to expand the network of chapters we have developed across the country. While we are thrilled that almost 650 chartered chapters exist, we would love to add more schools to the NEHS family by asking existing chapter members and Advisors to reach out to nearby schools and invite them to join. As an incentive, we will award up to seven NEHS banners to chapters that have recruited the new schools to join. One banner per region will be awarded; if more than one school in a region finds a new chapter, we'll draw for a winner!

New chapters must apply for their charters from March 1, 2014 through September 1, 2014 for the sponsoring chapters to be eligible for this drawing. Make sure that the new school includes the sponsoring school's name, address, and chapter name on the Charter Application Form before submitting the application. Address any questions to NEHS Director, Dave Wendelin.

View: "Banner Year" Incentive Page

NEHS Merchandise

Last week, all Advisors received a "News Flash" concerning new procedures for ordering NEHS merchandise. We are pleased to announce that all items, with the exception of T-shirts and sweatshirts, are now available through NEHS Connect and must be ordered using that system. Simply navigate to your chapter information page; there, you will find a new link to the Chapter Store where you will be able to order merchandise using a credit card or indicating a check will be sent. Please make sure to check the mailing address for your school; because we now use UPS for shipping, post office box addresses must be changed to approved street addresses.

Graduation is just around the corner. Don't delay in ordering graduation cords or medallions for your senior members as well as other items that would be appropriate for induction ceremonies.

View: NEHS Merchandise

Scholarships Announced

Congratulations to the following students who will receive scholarships this year: Amanda Laidler, Smithfield High School, RI; Henry Glitz, Seton La Salle High School, PA; Alexa Hartnett, East Lake High School, FL; Victoria Cheff, Allentown High School, NJ; Orion Rummler, West Forsyth High School, GA; Richard Egan, Allentown High School, NJ; Mallory Bacon, Bolton High School, LA; Natalia Kapacinskas, Fort Bend Christian Academy, TX; Mary Hammar, Pelham High School, NH; Lori Nevole, Marian High School, NE; Kara Rodano, Fallston High School, MD; Marcela Caraveo, Bolton High School, LA; Tracey Contino, Oswego High School, IL; Tara Loughery, Hidden Valley High School, VA; and Emily Cox, W. T. Woodson High School, VA.

View: Scholarship Winners

Project Grants and Outstanding Chapter Grants

Applications for a limited number of NEHS project grants, to be utilized during the first semester of the 2014-2015 school year, may be submitted by May 5, 2014. Chapters receiving awards will be notified soon after the deadline. These grants allow chapters to extend literacy opportunities within school and in local communities.

View: Project Grant Application Instructions

Outstanding Chapter Award applications are now available. Although we encourage chapters to send the applications soon after school is out, while memories are fresh and materials are at hand, the deadline for applications is September 15, 2014.

NEHS Annual Chapter Reports

All NEHS Chapter Advisors are required to complete an Annual Chapter Report detailing activities conducted throughout the previous school year. We encourage chapters to make this a joint effort of the Advisor and the outgoing/incoming student officers. The report serves as a great way to review accomplishments as well as to begin planning for the following year. The reports will be done electronically via Survey Monkey. All Advisors will receive a SEPARATE EMAIL BY MID-MAY that will include a unique link to the Survey. As an incentive, all chapters completing the survey by Monday, June 16, 2014 will be entered into a drawing for $100.

View the Chapter Annual Report page for more information.