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Ardrey Kell High School
Chapter: Sigma Phi
Charlotte, NC

Etowah High School
Chapter: Epsilon Eta Sigma
Woodstock, GA

Osbourn High School
Chapter: Deliberate Thoreauvians
Manassas, VA

Shelby High School
Chapter: Shelby High School National English Honor Society
Shelby, NC

In This Issue

  1. NEHS Project Grants
  2. NEHS Scholarships and the Common Reader for 2014-2015
  3. Summer Study Stipends for Junior Members of NEHS
  4. Teen Ink Magazine
  5. Resources for NEHS Chapters
  6. Intersecting with Sigma Tau Delta Chapters

Heard on the radio recently was the quip, "Only eleven months to Christmas!" While we aren't likely to be longing for the holidays just yet, it already is the start of February; time does move forward quickly. For some schools, the second semester of the year is just commencing; for others who ended first semester in December, the second half of the year is well under way. Soon, seniors will begin receiving notification letters about college acceptance and the thoughts of both students and teachers will turn to Spring Break. In the Central Office of NEHS, we are helping with the final preparations for the upcoming Sigma Tau Delta 2015 International Convention, our sponsoring organization, which will be held this year in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We trust that all are "weathering" the early weeks of 2015 as successfully as possible and that NEHS is one of the bright spots in your academic endeavors. We are so pleased to let you know that NEHS grew by a record number of chapters and students in 2014—we welcomed over 94 new chapters for a total, now, of over 710. Soon, we'll by-pass Sigma Tau Delta in number of chapters!

The February issue of NEHSXpress focuses on the following—a call for Project Grants applications for next year, updates on scholarships and the Common Reader, an encouragement to find Sigma Tau Delta chapters in your areas and to begin to plan joint literacy projects and activities with those groups, information about Teen Ink, a list of resources for upcoming national events, and Summer Study Stipends for Juniors. We hope you find this information useful; please send news about your chapter activities to NEHS Director, Dave Wendelin.

NEHS Project Grants

We urge chapters to consider designing a project to make an impact in your community next fall. Project Grants for up to $200 in funds to support local chapter activities that meet the mission of NEHS are available each semester. We always have more money in that budget line than is requested, so the odds your project will be approved are great! Applications for grants may be submitted by May 13 for monies to be utilized during the fall semester. Visit the Project Grants page for more information.

NEHS Scholarships and the Common Reader for 2014-2015

Scholarship essays based on the Common Reader, Unwind by Neal Shusterman, have been submitted and are currently being assessed by members of the NEHS Advisory Council. We received over 100 essays this year, a record number, and from a wider regional representation than in the past. Final scholarship decisions will be made by the Advisory Council in early March and students will be notified soon thereafter of the results.

Looking ahead to the 2015-2016 school year, we would welcome suggestions for the common reader. We seek texts, either fiction or non-fiction, modern or classic, that present challenging and interesting content for senior NEHS members wishing to vie for scholarships. If you have ideas of books—most particularly titles that are NOT used as whole class study texts—please send them to NEHS Director, Dave Wendelin.

Summer Study Stipends for Junior Members of NEHS

It is not too early for current junior members of NEHS to begin planning to apply for a Summer Study Stipend. These $750 awards are intended to support students who have been accepted to and will be attending an academic study program that will take place during summer of 2015. View the Summer Study Stipend page for information about the award and application process. All applications for this competitive award will be accepted Monday, April 6 - Monday, May 4.

Teen Ink Magazine

Teen Ink publishes a monthly 48 page print magazine that has been publishing teen writing, art and photos for 25 years. The magazine goes to subscribing schools and libraries nationwide in addition to the homes of thousands of teenagers. All content published in Teen Ink comes from their readers. Any teenager aged 13-19 is invited to submit their work, free of charge, for publishing consideration.

View Submission Guidelines

Resources for NEHS Chapters

Resources for NEHS Chapters:

Intersecting with Sigma Tau Delta Chapters

We now are approaching 710 chapters of National English Honor Society, each chapter engaged in excellent and exciting endeavors that encompass the English language arts. Did you know that there are also over 800 Sigma Tau Delta (ΣΤΔ) chapters at the college/university level? Think of the potential that exists if NEHS chapters linked with the ΣΤΔ chapters in your region—joint literacy projects, mentorship by university students for high school students interested in an English focus when they enter college, partnerships for attending lectures or film festivals—the possible links and benefits of such collaboration are endless! Visit the Sigma Tau Delta directory and locate parallel chapters in your area.