Upcoming Dates

June 15
Chapter Annual Report due

September 12
Outstanding Chapter Award applications due

October 3
Intellectual Freedom Challenge submissions open

November 14
Intellectual Freedom Challenge submissions due

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Welcome New Chapters

Catonsville High School
Chapter: Comet Literary Honor Society
Baltimore, MD

Fayetteville High School
Chapter: Literary Bards and Scholars
Fayetteville, TN

Hialeah Gardens High School
Chapter: Republic
Hialeah Gardens, FL

John Foster Dulles High School
Chapter: John Foster Dulles High School
Sugarland, TX

Olentangy Liberty High School
Chapter: Perks of Being in Our Chapter
Powell, OH

In This Issue

  1. NEHS Chapter Advisor Transitions
  2. NEHS Chapter Annual Reports
  3. Junior Summer Study Stipend Awards
  4. Projections for 2016-2017

June has arrived; as is true with each passing year, time seems to move more swiftly than when we were younger. When we were students, we watched the slow progression of the clock hands toward the final bell of the school year, believing it would never ring. The same is not necessarily true for adults. As teachers we look forward to the sound of the final bell, but with different motivations than those of our students.

By now, many of you have finished with school or soon will be wrapping up; we in the Central Office of NEHS trust you have plans for the summer that will refresh and renew your spirit even as you begin to think about the next academic year. We hope NEHS has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of the successes of your school, and that your involvement in this honor society continues to benefit your students and your careers.

This last issue of NEHSXpress for this academic year focuses on the following: a reminder of what must be done if a new Chapter Advisor will be leading NEHS next year; a request to submit your Annual Report through Survey Monkey if not already completed; announcements of the recipients of the Junior Summer Study Stipend; and a preliminary list of new efforts as NEHS continues to grow. As we conclude this school year, we have 850 chapters; we will soon surpass our parent organization, Sigma Tau Delta, and move toward the amazing 1,000 mark!

NEHS Chapter Advisor Transitions

At the end of each school year, some NEHS Chapter Advisors retire or find it necessary to shift the responsibilities of NEHS leadership to other faculty members. If that is the case for your chapter, please remember to make the changes to a new Chapter Advisor within NEHS Connect. All information is sent to the Lead Advisor of record; your help in making the required changes will expedite communication. Additionally, make sure to enter the names of any students inducted this spring. If you have questions about your membership lists, please contact Karen Larsen at klarsen@niu.edu. Thank you!

NEHS Chapter Annual Reports

A few weeks ago, a special email was sent to all Lead Advisors with instructions for completing the required Chapter Annual Report; many already have completed the task, detailing activities conducted throughout the past school year. Additional email reminders have been sent to those Chapter Advisors who have not yet submitted the report. All chapters completing the survey by June 15 will be entered for a drawing of $100. If that deadline is not feasible, we still ask that chapter reports be submitted no later than July 1, 2016. We will be compiling data over the summer that will guide our work in the coming year. Please remember that submitting an Annual Report is a requirement of all chapters. The link for submission via Survey Monkey appears in the special email; the annual report is NOT accessible from the NEHS webpage.

Junior Summer Study Stipend Awards

NEHS has awarded stipends in the amount of $750 to two junior members of NEHS for study this summer. The recipients are:

  1. Olivia Montine, who attends Nashua High School, Nashua, NH, will study writing at Saint Paul's School Advanced Summer Program, taking a "Forbidden Fictions" class as well as a Writing Workshop;
  2. Olivia Horne, who attends the Florida Virtual School, will take "Novel Writing" at Vanderbilt University in July.

Both of these young scholars will be writing articles for the Museletter Blog at the beginning of the new school year, sharing their experiences.

Projections for 2016-2017

A number of exciting initiatives are being planned for the coming school year. Work on these efforts will take place throughout the summer months; look for details at the beginning of the new school year:

  1. The new Distinguished Scholarship will be added to our opportunities for seniors, in the amount of $2,000.
  2. We plan to add "needs-based" scholarships in the coming year. This suggestion came directly from the annual reports already submitted.
  3. Also in the planning stages will be Student Leadership Awards for NEHS Projects. These competitive monetary awards will be given to student members who successfully lead a chapter literacy project and present an effective electronic portfolio. Awards will be available both first and second semester of next year.
  4. The NEHS Constitution is due for revision and will be presented to the Sigma Tau Delta Board of Directors for approval in September.
  5. New Advisory Council positions will become available in most regions in the fall. Interested Chapter Advisors should look for specific application instructions later this year.